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NEWS: Hi folks - I was hit by an e-mail virus about a month ago, and though I thought that I'd completely removed it from my system, it appears I was wrong.

I've received a LOT of e-mail and replied to it all, but no one replied, and I've just been told that it's because none of my replies are being received. I'm setting up a new e-mail tonight (likely gmail), and will begin re-replying.

Please - if you didn't get a response, wait until I post the new e-mail and send it again!


Custom Jewelry

Iíve now begun making custom jewelry!   Iíve been into woodworking for quite a while now, and recently found great enjoyment, relaxation, and satisfaction in making custom jewelry from exotic woods.   For more information, click HERE.  If youíre interested in the sci-fi kits, theyíre below and to the left!


Please e-mail to check for availability.  Be sure to put a subject line like "Falcon Kits" or "Price for Falcon KIts" or some such. "No Subject" e-mails often get filtered out by my junk filter!

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Also, if you are a caster who would like to list your merchandise here, contact me for information.

Jack Smith

Falcon Kits


New !  A review of Matthew Usher's new book from Fine Scale Modeler.


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