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All of the models listed on this page are currently out of production, to the best of our knowledge. The only one that we are not 100% sure about is the Rancor, but since AMT/Ertl has recently dropped their Star Wars and Star Trek lines in favor of "Racing Champions," it's probably a safe bet that these aren't produced any more either.

Millennium Falcon Cutaway Model

Sold Out At Present

Shuttle Tydirium (very limited stock)

Sold Out At Present


Currently sold out. We're still looking for more.

We have a small selection of these out-of-production (OOP) kits, in both the "standard version" shown above, and in the "flight display" kit.  The prices are:

Speeder Bike (no flight display) - $35.00 + $6.00 shipping 

Speeder Bike w/flight display   - $40.00 + $6.00 shipping (in the continental US). 

TIE Fighter Kit.  This kit comes with two (2) standard TIE Fighters and a Death Star display base. These kits are typically considered far more accurate than the earlier TIE Interceptor kits, and larger than the newer Fine Molds kit.

TIE Fighters - $45 + $6.00 shipping (in the continental US). 

This picture is small, I know, but this is one of the most detailed kits I've personally ever seen, and definitely the most detailed Star Wars kit ever to come from AMT/Ertl. Go to Starship Modeler and check out the detail on this one!

This kit is getting truly hard to find, and is made of vinyl, so the price is a little higher than the others. If you can find one, though, buy it!


Foreign Customers Note: These prices are all in US Dollars and are for shipping in the United States only.  Please contact us for shipping charges to you!

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