Matthew Usher's book, "A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Building Star Wars Models" hit newsstands on the day that Star Wars: Attack of the Clones opened. Below is my review; even though our parts are featured within the book, I'll do my best to give a brief, candid review. :)

The Stats

The book is 104 pages in length, with 175 color photographs. It retails for $21.95.  It addresses the assembly, painting and customizing of seven Star Wars models, and includes an interview with Mike Fulmer, a special effects modeler with Lucasfilm.

The Contents

The book is divided into seven chapters with an appendix. In order they are:

Someone made the comment to me that they thought the book seemed aimed at beginners rather than advanced modelers. In a way, I can understand that opinion, because Mr. Usher makes no assumptions as to what the reader knows - he lays things out in a step-by-step fashion. However, I consider myself to be a fairly advanced modeler, and I can honestly say that I learned a few new things, as well as learning new ways to think about 'old things.' For example, I found the lighting techniques used on the TIE and Falcon especially helpful - not because I've never lit a kit before, but because I learned newer, neater ways to do so.


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