Here are some pictures submitted by Sean Greenplate. They're all pretty self-explanatory, so I won't bore you with my editorializing!  Here is what Sean had to say:

Hi Jack,
        You might remember me. I ordered your detail kit a few months ago.
Well here it is. I think it turned out great thanks to your detail set. I
also added lighting and a lot of extra detail (mainly on the rear deck) Your
photo etched grills were also a nice touch. I drilled out the old grills and
glued the new ones in there place. I used some wheels from a B1 Bomber kit I
had for added detail under the grills. I glued these to a thin piece of wood
and painted it flat black. I then glued this underneath the rear deck. It
makes it look so much more realistic. Well enough of my rambling. Here are a
few pictures of my Falcon. Post them all or pick the ones you see fit.
Thanks again for your GREAT detail set, it was well worth the money!
                                            Sean Greenplate


Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Closeup Of Cockpit1.JPG (174846 bytes)   Closup of Front Control Panel1.JPG (151956 bytes)   docking ring1.jpg (111084 bytes)   Falcon kits landing gear bays1.jpg (154480 bytes)

Front with Cockpit And Floodlights On1.JPG (148087 bytes)   left rear mandible1.jpg (255783 bytes)   Rear Deck Detail1.JPG (222855 bytes)   right rear mandible1.jpg (238616 bytes)

Rear With Engine Lit1.JPG (119562 bytes)   Bottom1.JPG (204047 bytes)   Top1.JPG (237345 bytes)   upper left1.jpg (115974 bytes)

upper right1.jpg (119903 bytes)