Galen Stangeland's Falcon

Here are a few shots of Galen's Millennium Falcon.  The notes are below each shot are also from Galen. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Most of the inside of the cockpit was virtually made from scrap. I used the two chairs from the gun turrets for the rear seats of the cockpit. Luke is actually sitting behind Han. I used a transparent blue and red paint, to paint the individual lights of the instrument panels on the walls and ceiling of the cockpit. The light source is a clear LED at the bottom of the cabin. I used aluminum foil, as a reflector panel to force the light upwards. The foil has a coat of transparent blue to dull the reflected light. The foil also prevents light from showing through the bottom of the cockpit.



As you can see I used blue LightSheet™ for the engine. I painted the detail of the model by pausing the Star Wars Special Edition VCR tapes on any captures of the Falcon I could find.

The model sits on a stand made from a plastic picture frame box that houses a 9 volt battery for the LightSheet™, and one AA battery for the other 4 LED's, and 4 switches to control the cockpit, running lights, landing ramp, and engine. A 5/8 inch copper tube with a 5 prong male and female plug acts as conduit between the base and the ship. The ship can be detached from the conduit and sit on it's landing gear also, and still be powered by a 1/8 inch stereo jack that plugs in from the left quarter panel of the ship to the base. At that time only the cockpit and landing ramp are lit.

Thanks Jack for letting me submit the pic's.


Thank you, Galen, for the submission!